The Body Works series is based on the idea that the body is an organic, delicate, but tightly structured machine. The body here, works as a piece in the puzzle, a part of a bigger infernal machine portrayed by life. When different bodies are combined together, the work and action of each one completes and creates the movement, the effect, therefore the dance. Inspired by the work of great movement artists such as Busby Berkeley and Vsevolod Meyerhold, the Body Works expose the mechanical work behind the action of dancing. It is not just a work of movement or theater; it is essentially an entertaining dance piece. The fun and freedom in dancing are a must, structured by the work of the bodies. 

Furthermore, the visual aesthetic is more than essential to get the eye-candy effect created by the dancing.



         Delivered as short performances, the Body Works are executed without stopping and show the dancers in a state of mind, embodied, where everything is calculated, but always flowing.





"The body, here, works as a piece in the puzzle..."

"...the Body Works expose the mechanical work behind the action of dancing."

"...everything is calculated, but always flowing."





Three women in control.

Three faces of a business woman. 

Charming, articulated,

but uncompromising.

A contrast between something extremely structural and detailed,

yet so groovy and sexy. 

Three strong, skillful and distinguished women, getting what they want at any cost. 

Can you handle a business talk?


Written and choreographed by Mimo Magri

Performed by Elie-Anne Ross, Sandy Béland and Mimo Magri

Director of photography: Melika Dez

Music: Prince - All the critics love U in New York (All rights reserved)