Being a Montreal-born and New York-based music artist, Mimo reps Harlem and the 514 on the daily. Trained in music, acting and dance-theater, her work revolves around the tremendous powers of the body. Mixing her love for performing arts, she evolved through choir singing, violin, musicology, acting and dancing.


Lo-fi vibes, Neo Soul meets Street Jazz - with an alternative Rhythm and Blues sound, her style is essentially a blend of heartfelt music. “I like to think that my songs are hidden around me, in different instruments, people and between piano keys, awaiting for me to discover them - revealing themselves to me in due time."  


Fluently moving from an art form to another, she was featured as a singer and actor in the project Cheap Hugs, a short play by Annick Lefebvre presented at the Hudson Theater Guild - For which she was nominated for 'Best singing act" at the New York WinterFest Festival. 


After dropping her first EP ‘Bittersweet’ in 2016, Mimo released a few singles, reflecting the state of her sound - "Tacos at Midnight" & "CapriSun" bring a neo soul flair. She also remixed Soyouhim's "LuvMe. (Cheeto puffs) which is now his most streamed song. "Papa Was" her first single off her new full length project 𝕾𝖙𝖗𝖊𝖊𝖙 𝕮𝖆𝖓𝖉𝖎𝖉 was released on July 19th, along the music video, produced by New York native Stoop Kid. On March 18th 2020, the whole project dropped on every platform - stream it  HERE.

« Je danse, je ris, je pleure.

Je virevolte comme une Esméralda des temps modernes, et m’arrête d’un coup sec comme

le métro durant l’heure de pointe.

Je vis la vie bohème et ma musique n’est que

le battement de mon corps.

Comme un soldat, je marche au pas,

droit devant, 

et comme un enfant, je danse mes petites victoires.

Exquise, ma vie est un grand carnaval.»